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Come show your LOVE of Triathlon

Kick off the year with some HEART POUNDING action.

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The Love Story

Embark on a passionate journey as you line up at the start of the Valens-Tri Day 2024

Picture the butterflies in your stomach as you anticipate the thrill of swimming through the crystal clear waters, the rush of wind against your face as you cycle through challenging rolling hills of Weg naar Bullenbai s, and the thumping beat of your heart echoing in every stride towards the finish line. 

The event's courses reveal the beauty of what Curacao has to offer and the challenge of conquering the iconic course at Kokomo Beach. The atmosphere will be charged with the electricity of the common goals, where fellow athletes become allies in this amazing love story of pushing boundaries and achieving the extraordinary.

Join us in this love story where the event becomes more than a race – it's a celebration of the profound connection between an athlete and the pursuit of greatness. Don't miss the chance to be swept off your feet in a whirlwind of emotion and accomplishment on this day where your love for the sport comes together on Valens-Tri Day……

Your Valens-Tri Day 2024 entry is a sign of your dedication, the event a dance of perseverance, and each pounding heartbeat resonates your commitment to the sport of Triathlon!

The Course

We offer Super Sprint and Sprint Distance Events

Copy of December 9th 2023.png
Copy of December 9th 2023.png


Super Sprint - 350m

Sprint - 750m

This amazingly beautiful swim is a quick out and back, keep your eyes peeled for Sported Eagle Rays and maybe Mermaids?!!!!!

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Super Sprint - 7.5k

Sprint - 20k

Deceptively fast and a test of the legs, this open road allows you to glide like the Warawara, put the pedal to the floor and FLYYYYYYYY!

Service Name

Copy of December 9th 2023 (2).png


Super Sprint - 2.5k

Sprint - 5k

Time to buckle up and get ready to bring it all home to glory, you have made it, keep moving forward and we look forward to your SMILE crossing the finish line.

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Our Sponsors

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Foundation Tri Curacao is looking forward to having you as a participant in our Valens-TRI Day

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