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Give yourseslf the GIFT of TRI

Come join us and close out the year, and spread some Holiday TRI Cheer!

The Story

As the story goes In the heart of the North Pole, Santa Claus, feeling a bit too jolly around the belly, decided to spice up his routine with a new challenge – triathlons.

Tired of the same old sleigh rides, he enlisted the help of the elves to create a winter wonderland triathlon training center. With a custom-made suit, magical cookies from Mrs. Claus, and a specially designed sleigh with wheels, Santa dove into the world of swimming, cycling, and running.


As the holiday season unfolded, Santa participated in triathlons worldwide, carrying his sack of presents through icy waters, snowy trails, and brisk cycles. His newfound passion not only kept him fit but also inspired children globally to embrace an active lifestyle.


Alongside delivering gifts, Santa Claus became a symbol of joy, spreading cheer through his triathlon adventures in the landscapes around the world in the hopes of one day landing in Curacao for the TRI BEFORE XMAS!!

Welcome Video

The Course

We offer Super Sprint and Sprint Distance Events

Copy of December 9th 2023.png
Copy of December 9th 2023.png


Super Sprint - 350m

Sprint - 750m

This amazingly beautiful swim is a quick out and back, keep your eyes peeled for Sported Eagle Rays and maybe Mermaids?!!!!!

Copy of December 9th 2023 (3).png


Super Sprint - 7.5k

Sprint - 20k

Deceptively fast and a test of the legs, this open road allows you to glide like the Warawara, put the pedal to the floor and FLYYYYYYYY!

Service Name

Copy of December 9th 2023 (2).png


Super Sprint - 2.5k

Sprint - 5k

Time to buckle up and get ready to bring it all home to glory, you have made it, keep moving forward and we look forward to your SMILE crossing the finish line.

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Our Sponsors

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Foundation Tri Curacao is looking forward to having you as a participant for our annual Tri Before Xmas !

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday Season and New Year to come,


Bon Pasku Bon Anja Nobo!

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