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Foundation Tri Curacao and PC Racing are proud to be working with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Curacao.

In a fast-paced world we as individuals and as athletes find ourselves regimented in schedules, training, and life.

Sometimes we find it difficult to be motivated, excited, or productive to finish a task or to finish our required training.

Now, take a moment and think, what if I was never able to do any of that?

Meeting Claudia, Gerda, Rosi, and the team of RMHC Curacao offering their (what at times seems Super Human) time and energy to a cause that gives young people in need of care a place where they can feel at home during a difficult time, made it an easy decision in wanting to be a part of helping their cause.

What started in 2020 we hope to continue to provide our assistance both in time and donations for many years to come!

Thank you RMHC Curacao for all you do.



Double Ultra for RMHC 2023

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