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PC Racing SWAG

Life the Lifestyle
The "Live the Lifestyle" motto has been with the PC since inception and encompasses everything we are about.
PC is more than a brand it's a way of life and is specific to YOU and how you go about your day to day, whether it is Sports, Work, or just Chillin you are Living the Lifestyle and are a part of the PC Nation!
Snatch up some gear below for house, work, training, etc!!

Check back often as new products will be listed.

Get the day started right with your very own Tri Curacao Mug.


No better way to kick off the day than a good mug of your favorite morning coffee or tea!

Price: 35fls

PC Racing Swim Cap is a great addition to any Swimmer and or Triathlete quiver.
You never know when you might need to out swim something like the guy hanging in the top right of the picture! 
Get yours today or get got!
Price: 25Fls
PC Racing Trucker Hats perfect for the hot days here on the island.
This style is lower in profile and would be prime for Young Adults and perfect for runners looking for something streamlined.
Limited edition, we have 2 of each color shown.
Price: 25fls
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