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Come join us for a fun-filled adventure covering the basics of Triathlon.

Foundation Tri Curacao and PC Racing will provide a general overview of the sport as well as practice the 3 disciplines: Swim, Bike, and Run.

Triathlon being more a lifestyle than a sports PC Racing will work to encompass various activities designed to expose young Triathletes to all aspects of a safe and healthy multisport lifestyle – with an emphasis on having a good time! 



Learn to swim the required distance for your Age Group, Technique and Etiquette are taught in our swim sessions.



Proper bike handling is a must, we teach our Athletes the ins and out of biking and prepare them for race day.



Running is an intricate part of the sport of Triathlon, proper technique and pacing are taught in our Run Lessons.

NO Experience necessary!

PC Racing is Open to ALL sports, triathlons, Swimmers, Bikers (Road and Mtn), and Runners.

If you are interested in becoming part of the PC CREW? 

*Focusing on members' abilities and advancing their athletic performance in a cohesive group atmosphere.

*Weekend Group Training with the following format each month

*Week 1 - Swim

*Week 2 - Bike

*Week 3 - Run

*Week 4 - Race

That is correct! we will put the first 3 weeks of training into some sort of “event!” This way you are able to put all of your training into action!!


Tuesdays 4 pm -5:30 pm

SDK Stadium 

**Note one Tuesday a month maybe off-site and on the bike.

Please note core instruction is in English and Dutch

Depending on the day
Swimsuit, goggles, towel, & running shoes, sunscreen. (participation limited without this gear). Helmet and Hydration, Notebook and Pen/Pencil and a Smile!


We will have a basic overview of what day(s) and times and also what will be offered. Plus a little run-through of skills.


AGE GROUPS: 6-8,9-11,12-14 (Space is limited  to 10 per Age Group)


40fls per month



Kids MUST be able to swim 50 meters with limited stopping (Diploma B or Higher), be able to ride any type of bicycle, and able to run/walk  800m/Half-mile

What PC Racing asks of you:

We would ask that by becoming an active member we create a family atmosphere and roll together as a unified team. Even though Triathlons are considered an individual sport; we can all share knowledge, and training and help all those within the organization to become better athletes.

It will be required that during events hosted and organized by PC Racing, you are willing to help with the events, participate, lend a hand and volunteer your time for at least one event. Doing so will make it possible for all active members to continue to enjoy what we are creating, a predominantly family-oriented racing club.

We ask that you promote the team in a positive manner and promote PC Racing via all social media channels, as well as any contacts that might have an interest in joining the crew.

Lastly, we require that during Team/Group training and any events to wear PC Racing attire. 

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