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Full Distances

For the first time ever on the island of Curacao Foundation Tri Curacao and PC Racing will be offering you the opportunity to dream a little dream.

As a Triathlete to complete a full distance event of 140.6 is the pinnacle of our sport, this is awesome, lets do one.

Now lest take it to another level: 

1 full distance( Full) -> Swim: 3.8k / 2.4mi  - Bike: 180k / 112mi - Run: 42.2k / 26.2mi

2 full distances (Dubs) -> Swim: 7.6k / 4.7mi  - Bike: 360k / 223.7mi - Run: 84.4k / 52.44mi
3 full distances (Tripz) -> Swim: 11.4k / 7.1mi  - Bike: 540k / 335.5mi - Run: 126.6k / 78.7mi
5 full distances (Penta) -> Swim: 19k / 11.8mi  - Bike: 900k / 559.2 mi - Run: 211k / 131.1mi
10 FULL Distances (Deca) -> Swim: 38k / 23.6mi  - Bike: 1800k / 1118.5mi - Run: 422k / 262.2mi

This can be done aggregate at your own pace in any order, just get the Ks/M's logged!

Monthly totals to be submitted to Foundation Tri Curacao and PC Racing for the standings.


You will need to pick 1 version to compete or to complete for rankings. 


Prizes for each distance will be awarded for each distance, First Second and Third place Medals ( quickest to complete register distance)

DECA Finishers receive at limited addition PC Racing DEC finisher Medal


All participants regardless of distance upon completion will receive a T-shirt and Plaque. 

What: Choose your Distance
When: The year 2021
Where: Where ever you put your feet down
Why: To support Ronald McDonald House Charities. A portion of proceeds will be donated to RMDH

Registration: 100 Fls
Finisher: YOU

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