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Foundation Tri-Curacao

Our Mission statement:
Our organization challenges ourselves and our participants to interactively promote exciting community ideas and adventures that push our imaginations of what is possible in sports health and well-being.
Accomplishing the mission:
Offering Youth and Adult training in the form of a “Community” atmosphere, which is currently done by our Youth and Adult Club - PC Racing.
Organizing quality multi-sport events for local and international athletes of all ages including integration of established events: 
The SOS Curacao Triathlon (20kBike, 1k Swim, 5k Run, 1.4k Swim, 6k Run, 1.2k Swim)
The W3STPUNT TRIATHLON - Half and Olympic Distances
The Trick or Tri Sprint at SDK
The Tri Before Christmans at SDK
The ValensTri Day
Strides for Smiles
FDDK Interinselair Aquathon
Tri - it, an introduction to Triathlon
Partnership with FDDK to produce more events at SDK also includes incorporating a Youth Scholastic Program of Aquathon into the schools of Curacao.
Also to incorporate other Adventure Triathlon, Triathlons, Run/Bike/Run, Swim/Run/Swim events on the island of Curacao for the past 6 years.
Foundation Tri-Curacao is working on new and exciting race formats to enhance the current Multi-Sport Calendar.
All current events will offer outlets to the following Age Groups
Youth:  6-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-17
Adults: 18-29,30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+
  • Stimulate a healthy lifestyle through the promotion of the multi-sport lifestyle and how it can have a positive effect on your well-being.
  • Encourage discipline and perseverance among the youth of Curacao within all layers of society;
  • Promotion of the kid’s races.
  • Offer weekly and monthly seminars or training as an introduction to the sport.
  • Stimulate tourism within 5 years minimum 10-20 athletes per year coming to Curacao annually with their families and participating in several races.
  • Establish connections with Tri Travel-related sites and other Island Organizations to leverage tourist opportunities that promote the island and the sport.
  • Establish connections with International governing bodies in the sport with the ultimate goal of hosting sanctioned events (where participants earned points), cross-promoting regional and international events, and improving our own knowledge base through knowledge sharing.
  • Establish Curacao as a world-class training center and endurance sports destination for semi and pro-triathletes looking for a “second-circuit” to prepare for and launch to their major events. This could extend to special training visas and potentially one-day fund training facilities specializing in Triathlon and endurance sports.
Vision and Summary
The sport of Triathlon is currently on the rise throughout the world.
Foundation Tri-Curacao is here to share the benefits and joy that comes with participation in endurance sports. We intend to help foster that trend and bolster the sport on the island of Curacao and beyond.
We intend to improve the current race schedule, add more races of all sizes to our Race Calendar, and establish Curacao as a destination race island.
Our island offers its visitors many great things, wonderful people, it’s amazing heritage, incredible scuba diving, and music festivals all of which draw people from all over the world. Triathlon when it is added to this list will be a huge draw, making it more attractive to a broader spectrum of adventure seekers and endurance athletes from around the world.
If you would like to hear more about Foundation Tri-Curacao OR PC Racing and our future please do not hesitate to contact us.
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