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ValensTRI Day

As the sun pops up over the horizon, casting a warm glow on the course, athletes are eager to get started, and the crowd prepares to cheer them on!

The Valenstri DAY Triathlon will not only test their physical limits but also celebrate their enduring love for the sport putting their talents to the test.....

The streets transform into a lively festival, where friends, families, and couples gather to revel in the joy of community and the thrill of athletic achievement.

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Welcome to the ValensTRI-Day online registration!

Foundation Tri Curacao is excited to bring you the first of many events to be held at Kokomo Beach here on our beautiful island of Curacao!

We are offering a Relay and Individual Event for: 

Adults 15 and Older participating as individuals or in a Relay Team

Events are slated to take place on February 17th , 2024

Super Sprint

350 m Swim

7.5km Bike

2.5km Run

Sprint and Relay

750m Swim

20km Bike

5km Run 

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